About the project

At Academy, you can receive knowledge from highly qualified hair stylists and know cutting-edge techniques

Students will graduate with expertise in all methods of hair extensions, all necessary knowledge to get to work, and will award a Zieda Diploma Certificate.

hair courses

Design & creativity

  • Make the feed more uniform and aesthetically attractive
  • Broadcast a premium segment
  • Show learning elements
  • Convey the high expertise and qualifications of experts

The main element of the feed was the photos of the hair (both in large and from a distant perspective). Proposed using black and white pictures, behind which inappropriate colors could be hidden.

Pictures from the study process were also used in the feed. The audience can guess from these pictures that the academy offers hair extensions and exciting and detailed instructions in the process.


The logo is made in a font style. It conveys the impression of reliability and confidence in the right choice.The apostrophe has the form of a swallow.

An elegant descriptor complements the logo and makes it clear.

Brand concept

We know how to achieve success.

Life motto is “Learn as more as you can!”
The new experience makes stronger. There is no useless education.
All knowledge is power if you know how to “activate” it.

ZIEDA’S ACADEMY signature package is made from paper with satin ribbons.
It can be made in three-tone solutions: grey, blue and pink.
The package sizes correspond to A4 format.


For this project was created branding and corporate identity:

  • Brandbook
  • Covers for iPad, iPhone
  • Diploma
  • Education program
  • Gift cards
  • Logotype
  • Paper bag
  • Pen
  • Workbook


ziedas team

Currently, there are not enough pictures of the learning process in the feed. Therefore, the audience doesn’t guess they can learn how to add hair extensions. We include live training photos in the feed to correct this mistake.


Connect the text to the photo. The text can be informative as well as entirely decorative. Place important information about workshops, meetings, or helpful information for subscribers.

Process of work

To increase the audience’s confidence, we introduce the process of the masters’ work into the feed. Subscribers will see the results and how to achieve them. Such content increases loyalty and interest in the brand.


Photos and videos of the team help get closer to the audience. Use portrait photos of the speakers, and shoot video/photo of the training process together with the master and model, demonstrating both the master and his working methods.

Visual identity


Looking at this feed, understand what the account is about and for whom.

The unified, harmonious style and soft tones convey a premium segment, an atmosphere of tranquility and professionalism simultaneously.

Social media targeting
Zieda’s academy

Before the launch of advertising, a number of measures were taken to improve the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign:

  • Created new an advertising campaign strategy based on the analysis and budget
  • Analyzed all past advertising campaigns
  • Prepared and tested target audiences
  • Launched more than 50 advertising campaigns using the goal Traffic, Engagement and Reach
  • In the campaign settings, we used targeting sets and wide audiences without interests
  • In the course of work, advertising campaigns were timely optimized — ineffective ads, ad groups and campaigns were turned off

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