BRUXX restaurant

About the project

The Italy&Co restaurant chain approached LAVA with a request to promote 3 restaurants: BRUXX, ITALY, and HITCH. Each restaurant has its signature style, prepares unique dishes, and has its atmosphere and message. BRUXX is a light bistronomy that combines different countries’ cuisine.

The current visual concept did not suit the client, as it had many plates and lacked brightness and brand identity.

To create the new concept, it was necessary:
  • to combine the modern rebellious ideology of the project with the traditions and history of old Belgium;
  • to take into account the history of Belgian and flamandese cuisine.
before after
Situation Step 1 – studied the ideology of the brand and make the key points; Step 2 – chose references and moved away from the “hype”, took as a basis the freedom of spirit in its authentic manifestation, more conscious and mature, without excessive pretentiousness; Step 3 – added a vintage touch and chose a muted color scheme of red, beige, and yellow shades. Step 4 – approved the concept with the client and held a professional shoot.
With the summer coming to a head, it was decided to make the feed lighter. To this end, we did:
  • modified the editing a little bit;
  • moved from vintage to bright photos with flash;
  • used white and colored backgrounds.


Focus on people

The BRUXX feed introduced images of people who quickly open up to new things and don’t stay in one place for long. Insurrection = revolt / rebellion / deliberate rule-breaking.
Rebels = boldness of presentation and flair for taste.


A new wave Belgian gastronomic pub. A place at the crossroads of past and present provides a presence and focus on the contrast between tradition and the currents of Belgian gastronomy. Paired with these sensations, immerse in new gastro-openings, combinations of flavors, and stories. Respecting traditions and integrating contemporary currents into them: in the interior, the menu, the concept. The central concept is rebellious (general line) and Flemish cuisine (additional attribute).

Interesting rubrics
to engage subscribers

The goal was to make it not only “tasty” but also enjoyable for subscribers to follow the restaurants’ accounts on social networks. We incorporated into the content plan such columns that could not only convey the atmosphere of the restaurant but also engage the subscribers: In the content plan for BRUXX we implemented the rubrics “Playlist of the week from DJ”, “Unusual exhibitions,” and “Meet the beer”.

Introduced to the BRUXX restaurant’s feed and stories an atmosphere of parties with loud and incendiary music, which always “smell” of beers and light snacks

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