HITCH restaurant

About the project

The Italy&Co restaurant chain approached LAVA with a request to promote 3 restaurants: BRUXX, ITALY, and HITCH. Each restaurant has its signature style, prepares unique dishes, and has its atmosphere and message.

HITCH – a restaurant where you can try dry-aged steaks, seafood, and “clean dishes” without frills.

before after

The request for HITCH production was global – to move from the old ideology to a completely new one. HITCH wanted to add more environmental and natural shades to the account, focus on the quality and taste of the product, and represent the atmosphere of brutal and benchmark service.

It was essential to consider all the new lines in the visual concept.


Collecting unique accessories (bark, twigs, moss) in the forest, buying materials in pet stores – our team did everything to bring the idea to life.

When the details were collected, we conducted the shooting and received rave reviews from the restaurant’s clients, chefs, and founders.

Having saved this concept, we continued to embody it in new shoots for the institution.


Focus on NATURE and MEET

The main goal was to integrate food into nature. To “animate” the content and show that real people with sincere emotions are resting and working in the restaurants, we introduced photos of visitors and team members into the visual concept.

The HITCH feed implemented photos of guests enjoying the taste of the food without the distraction of the camera and photos of meet. We also added pictures of team members for closer contact with the audience.


Implemented macro shots of dishes in HITCH, used elements like bark and greenery to immerse the audience in nature’s atmosphere and the dishes’ naturalness

To increase appetite, we introduced high-quality videos of the cooking process into the feeds of all restaurants

Interesting rubrics
to engage subscribers

The goal was to make not only “tasty” but also enjoyable for subscribers to follow the restaurants’ accounts on social networks.

We incorporated into the content plan such columns that could not only convey the atmosphere of the restaurants but also engage the subscribers

HITCH content plan introduced the rubric “Meet the team” and other things.



In the project’s ideology, there are natural references, greenery, snags, natural stones, and shades of photo backgrounds.

The basis of the color scheme used is natural colors (green, beige, brown, gray) and some corporate colors (red, black, and white).

The general idea of the visual concept was that the HITCH feed was a magazine with news and helpful articles.


production results

  • Created a visual concept for the restaurants and the community;
  • Completely repackaged Instagram profiles;
  • Implemented helpful and permanent rubrics;
  • Conducted photo shoots according to technical requirements;
  • Conveyed the atmosphere of restaurant while maintaining a unique style;
  • Set up moderation of requests.

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